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Guangzhou Trademark Auction These little things you have to know

   The "Papi Sauce", a short video network known to the public, has a wide reputation. The "Papi Sauce" trademark and similar trademark have been robbed by Mimi, and then sold at high prices on major auction platforms. Up to 1.8 million yuan! The trademark registration cost is only a few thousand yuan, and it is even auctioned at a staggering price. Enterprises registered trademarks due to development needs, in the process of enterprise development encountered difficulties and had to abandon the trademark auction, which is the transfer of trademark value after the enterprise declared bankruptcy, especially Guangzhou, Shenzhen. In a big city like Shanghai, komori wants to tell you the little things you have to know about the Guangzhou trademark auction.

1548992592103241.png    The Brand Effect of Guangzhou Trademark Auction
The so-called brand effect is the value of the trademark. The most straightforward point is that in terms of market share, the company has been established for a long time, and the brand trademark is operated with a certain degree of popularity. Its operating effect can be judged from the financial data report on the income of the main business. In this word, the brand effect of the trademark is equivalent to the company's market collection funds, and the trademark is partially bought by the auction. If the brand is well known, even millions or even tens of millions are worth it.
Guangzhou Trademark Auction You Should Know the Quality of Trademark Products
If the reason for the company's bankruptcy is that the investment failed to lose more than 100 million yuan, causing the bank to concentrate on lending, the company's funds can not continue to flow, and eventually lead to the company's bankruptcy. It is not the bankruptcy caused by product quality issues. Therefore, the brand effect of the trademark of the company is not devalued. The trademark of the Guangzhou enterprise auction is also equivalent to the advertising investment of the bankrupt company for many years. By contrast, all the auction costs are worth it.
Guangzhou Trademark Auction You Need to Know the Difficulties of the Trademark
Trademark registration is difficult, and the registration time is from one year to one and a half years, and the trademark form is reviewed(about one month, Issue of acceptance notice)-trademark substantive examination(about 9 months)-trademark announcement(about 3 months)-to obtain a registration certificate; Moreover, the trademark registration directly deals with the Trademark Office or its agency, and the application materials must be professionally completed. So a big factor that many people choose to auction to buy a trademark is the difficulty of registering a trademark, so spending money on an existing trademark is a great choice.
The above is the Guangzhou trademark auction you have to know three small things, the trademark auction is forced to come out of the auction, if it is a good brand reputation, good product quality trademark, Guangzhou you can not hesitate to shoot. Even if the original trademark ownership company with bankruptcy, you only a well-known trademark can occupy the original market share, bring new vitality to the trademark.

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