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Guangzhou Trademark Objection You have to clear up these little things

     The Guangzhou trademark objection is the business application announcement period. Other enterprises have different opinions on this trademark of the enterprise.
Do not agree to the registration of the trademark, but the objection is not an oral objection. It must be quoted.
Standard, both sides collect and use evidence to argue according to the combat position. At this time, as long as the Guangzhou trademark applicant is in the specified time
In the submission of the objection statement, and can find loopholes in the evidence and reasons of the objector, the success of the defense is in the hands of the winner.
However, there are still many Guangzhou trademark applicants are afraid of the trademark objection defense, the intimate knowledge of the prince for you to prepare
A small defence of a trademark being challenged.
First, the reply time of the Guangzhou trademark objection
In the process of trademark registration, Guangzhou enterprises will have a three-month period of trademark announcement after the application is reviewed, which means that anyone can raise trademark objections to the applicant's trademark within the notice period and hold objections. After receiving the application for trademark objection from the outside world, the Trademark Office will accept the objection after strict trademark examination. Once accepted, the trademark objection application and related materials will be transmitted to the challenged person(trademark applicant) by the Trademark Office one month after the expiration of the challenged trademark objection, and the trademark applicant will have only one month to reply to the objection. Submission of a substantiated reply.
Second, the right of defense of Guangzhou trademark objections
The trademark applicant has the right to choose whether to continue to apply or to give up after the trademark has been objected to. If it chooses to submit a statement of defense, the Trademark Office will decide according to the facts and reasons presented by the parties in accordance with the relevant provisions. If there is no objection within this month, the Trademark Office will be regarded as the challenged person automatically waives the defense.
Application for Reconsideration of Guangzhou Trademark Objection
After the Trademark Office has ruled on the disputed trademark on the basis of the evidence provided by both parties, if both parties are not satisfied with the ruling, they may submit an application for review of the challenged trademark to the commercial judges within half a month from the date of receiving the ruling. The commercial judges will rule on trademark objections; If he repeatedly refuses to accept the results of the re-determination of the Trademark Office, he may file a trademark objection with the people's court, and the people's court shall make a final ruling. Only after the reconsideration decision has been made, the trademark application may continue.
Three points are Guangzhou trademark objections you have to know the small things, trademark objections to the defense and review of the professional processing of certain requirements. The evidence data collection provided during the defense, the applicant's main body, and the application of the trademark law all determine whether the trademark can be successfully passed the objection period. Therefore, Zhijun suggested that Guangzhou enterprises take care to find professional agencies to handle, such as Chenlian intellectual property rights, find the right person, you can save a lot of economic costs and manpower.



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