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Hand to teach you how to avoid Guangzhou trademark infringement, avoid litigation worries

    For a company, from the beginning to the development of brilliant, the most seriously damaged is the infringement of the trademark that was caught off guard in the later period. Obviously, it is a brand logo designed by itself and invested a lot of time and money to build a propaganda market. Finally won the consumer trust and gold word of mouth, but did not know when Shanzhai four, their hard-earned market share has been unjustifiably divided. Will you be reconciled? Even though Guangzhou enterprises have a strong family, they can not stand one high trademark lawsuit after another. Therefore, in the work of intellectual property trademark protection, hand in hand teach you how to avoid Guangzhou trademark infringement and avoid litigation worries.


    What is Guangzhou Trademark Infringement
Specifically, the actor uses the same or similar trademark on the same or similar goods without the permission of the trademark owner, or other acts that interfere with or hinder the trademark owner from using its registered trademark and impair the legal rights and interests of the trademark owner.
II. Measures to avoid trademark infringement in Guangzhou
1, the design of the trademark logo is differentiated
The relevant person in charge must be familiar with the product name, company name, enterprise LOGO and other information. Only the brand design of the company conforms to the product image, and there are differences with other products in the market to show the picture and vivid image, easy to identify. In this way, even if others want to imitate, they must consider differences.
2, the market is not moving, the trademark first
Small companies control costs in the short term and large companies control costs in the long term. However, once the trademark has loopholes, it has short-term economic losses and long-term economic losses are even greater. The domestic business environment and business rules are rapidly evolving, and the weight of intellectual property rights is gradually increasing. Guangzhou's annual trademark infringement lawsuits are growing. This is the behavior of Guangzhou entrepreneurs who pay attention to intellectual property rights.
3, monitoring the status of trademark application at all times
Guangzhou entrepreneurs not only monitor their own trademarks, but also monitor the trademarks of competitors in the same industry to prevent Guangzhou trademark infringement. The early name of the company was a good name for the promotion of brand reputation. For example, "Ali Baba" was a well-known myth story and the pronunciation was catchy. If a competitor has a crush on your business name and you don't have a registered trademark, the likelihood of a trademark being snapped up increases. You see, Ma Yun registered the entire Ali family with "Ali mom" and "Ali grandpa".
Well, Zhiju Jun has already announced the secret of avoiding the infringement of the trademark in Guangzhou. In order to avoid litigation worries, please ask Guangzhou entrepreneurs to have a long snack and try to put it in place during the operation of the enterprise. Otherwise, it may be possible to accidentally infringe the trademark. Once the infringement will inevitably be long and smelly trademark lawsuits, the consequences involved may involve corporate compensation and corporate name change, all thoughts to create brand trademarks, to ask which entrepreneur is willing to give in hand? So you need to take care of the logo.

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